VIVI ScoreApp

For doctors

Understanding disease severity


The VIVI ScoreApp helps to manage flu-like illness and respiratory viral infections such as influenza, COVID, and RSV, from mild cold symptoms to severe illness.

The ScoreApp for healthcare professionals allows to score disease severity within 1-2 minutes, and to see the effects of treatment and prevention. It has been shown that improves quality of care, vaccine effectiveness surveillance, pandemic preparedness, antibiotic stewardship, as well as the accuracy and interoperability of clinical trial data.

Sponsors of clinical trials can use the VIVI ScoreApp as a standardized outcome measure.

The ScoreApp for patients and families can be used to track one’s own symptoms, or those of children and loved ones, to document the journey from the first symptoms to recovery.

The App provides an opportunity to set up a user profile, and to share scores with healthcare professionals. Validated for patients of all ages, it may be used from home, in clinics, or during telehealth sessions. Important information needs to come across to maximize patient safety and health! The ScoreApp can help with that.


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